Austro-British Society Carinthia

Austro-British Society Klagenfurt

Society Carinthia

Address: Karfreitstraße 6/1, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee.


Phone: +43 (0)650 5668278

We meet most Wednesdays at the club rooms in Karfreitstraße, starting at 7 pm. We have a small bar. About once a month we meet elsewhere – details on the EVENTS page.

We are a members-only club, but you are welcome to come and visit us a few times before deciding on whether you would like to become a member.

Directions for the Karfreitstraße location: to the left of BIPA (where there is a sign on the wall), there is a large green double door. Go into the entrance (´Hausflur´) and up the stairs to the first floor. We are the door on the left, belonging to the “Lerninstitut IFL”.