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Our long-term goal is to document the graves of the soldiers buried at Klagenfurt War Cemetery and, as far as possible, tell the stories behind the headstones and put faces to the names inscribed on them.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) has documented all the graves in the cemetery. Most of the 583 war dead in Klagenfurt War Cemetery served the United Kingdom, but also buried there are soldiers who served in the armed forces of Australia (30), New Zealand (24), South Africa (20), Canada (4) and India (3), according to the CWGC database.

We’ll be adding stories about some of the soldiers buried in the cemetery, including those who were held at the Waidmannsdorf work camp in Klagenfurt. One of them, Sapper John Marsh, was shot while attempting to escape and his death was the subject of a war crimes trial after the war.

You’ll find a list of the graves we have documented here. We’re also working on a special page to commemorate the Australian and New Zealand soldiers buried here on the occasion of Anzac Day 2024.

We’ll also be adding photos taken at Remembrance Day events, starting with 2022.

1939 – 1945
The land on which this cemetery stands is the gift of the Austrian people for the perpetual resting place of the sailors soldiers and airmen who are honoured here
1939 – 1945
Der Grund auf dem dieser Friedhof angelegt wurde ist ein Geschenk des österreichischen Volkes zum dauernden Gedenken an die Angehörigen der britischen Streitkräfte zu Wasser zu Lande und in der Luft die hier ihre letzte Ehrenstätte gefunden haben