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This page is in the process of being built and is not yet anywhere near complete. But we wanted to share it with you while we work on it.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) has documented all the graves in the cemetery (you can browse them here) and many of the graves are listed, sometimes with additional info and photos, on the Find a Grave website (registration required).

We’ll also be adding stories about some of the servicemen buried there, starting with those prisoners of war who were held at the Waidmannsdorf work camp in Klagenfurt. One of them, Sapper John Marsh, was shot while attempting to escape and his death was the subject of a war crimes trial after the war. You can read his story here.

This page will eventually contain a description and photos of the War Cemetery with links to individual graves we have documented, such as that of the same John Marsh, as part of our (very long-term) project to tell the stories behind the headstones and, if possible, put faces to the names inscribed on them.

Remembrance Day 2023, with UK Ambassador Lindsay Skoll in Klagenfurt and Völkermarkt