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There are several websites and Facebook groups dedicated to helping the families and descendants of British and Commonwealth prisoners of war find information about those who were held in camps in Carinthia, first and foremost Ian Brown’s Stalag XVIII A website and Facebook group, and Michael Byrne’s Klagenfurt POW blog.

Few, if any, physical signs of the camps remain today. Only in October 2022 was a Stalag XVIII A memorial opened in Wolfsberg at the initiative of Ian Brown (YouTube video).

According to Ian, the Red Cross counted 313 work camps for British and Commonwealth prisoners of war attached to Stalag XVIII A in August 1944.

One of them, Work Camp 10-029/GW in Klagenfurt, has been the subject of extensive research by local historian Paul Angerer, a member of the Austro-British Society Carinthia, and we are pleased to publish an English-language summary of his research here.

Paul has also carried out extensive research on the shooting of prisoner of war John Marsh on 28 February 1945 in Viktring, near Klagenfurt, and on the death of South African prisoner of war Michael Cister, who died of the wounds he received in the first Allied bombing raid on Klagenfurt on 16 January 1944.