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Other links of interest

  • Carinthia Life – A website providing links to basic information for Brits who are new to Carinthia.

UK Government/Embassy

Austrian Government 

British Food

Missing your sausages, pies, snacks …?

  • Bobby’s Foodstore (Vienna)
  • Kellys Expat Shopping (Find all your favourite British groceries here at Kellys!)
  • English Shop Salzburg
  • British Store Online (Waitrose products)
  • Michelle’s Specialities (swift delivery and meat products packed in cooler bag)
  • Gurkerl – A grocery delivery service only in Vienna. The thing about this Czech based company start up delivering in Vienna is that they also have a range of Marks & Spencers goodies! You can get some excellent dry goods and frozen items such as smoked haddock, fish and chips English style, kippers, assorted biscuits and teas amongst other things.

Please let us know (via the Contact form below) if we haven’t listed one of your favourite websites, or the source in Austria of your favourite British food. Thanks!