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Club members are aware that photos taken at Club events may be published on the Club website (i.e., generally on this photo page) or on our Facebook group page. We always respect the right of members who do not wish to have photographs of themselves at Club events published on the website or on social media.

2012 – Summer Party, Gasthaus zur Alten Stadtgrenze

2012 – Squiggle Evening, hosted by Peter Matthews

2012 – Colin Finch and The Chocolate Motorbike

2011 – Car Rally Pumpkin Competition

2010 – No photos to be found of events this year. Must have been very quiet in Carinthia!

2009 – Various (various events, possibly, although most seem to be wearing poppies; definitely various people.)

2008 – Summer Party, Viktring

1980 to 2007 – Historical Photo Album